Marc Jacobs : Zebra Collection super WooooW

Hi girls….Did you spend a good Sunday? I hope so….

I’m spending my Sunday watching and dreaming the fabulous new collection of Marc Jacobs.

This year he made one of my favourite collection, I say my favourite in particular just for one reason: Zebra Style!

Not everyone like the animalier, but I like a lot! Because of this I want to show you some clothes and accessories. You will fall love ❤️ 

Long sleeve Zebra shift dress 

I have just one word: LOVE ❤️ 

Price: 795$

One shoulder Zebra dress 

Adapted for the special occasion, it give us a jungle and wild look. Perfect for a summer cocktail event !

Price: 825$

Zebra Embellished shrunken jacket 

Sportive, casual and glamour ! You can use whatever you want .

Price: 895$

Georgia studded Cowboy boot 

My favourite part of the collection, they are awesome! 

Price: 550$

Zebra shutter small camera bag

Small, comfortable and cute!

Price: 495$
Well, I showed you my favourite elements of the Zebra collection, and I hope you think they are awesome like I think.

I must have the fabulous Zebra cowboy boots, I like a lot .

Hope to see also in your closet something about this very cool collection, and hope you liked my post!

If you wanna buy and see all the collection click HERE 

Have a good evening sweeties ❤️️


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