Oh my god! Givenchy mascara is fabulous 😍

Hi ladies, 

Christmas is almost here but we can feel it in the air… 

yesterday, like every year for the Christmas period, I went to Rome city centre for buy some presents …but, like I used to do, I bought only presents for myself 😆

I saw sephora shop and I went inside just for buy my new super fabulous GIVENCHY MASCARA 

I show you which one: 

The price is 30,90€ 

In sephora shops you can find the special pack at 29,90€ with Givenchy mascara and mini Givenchy lipstick

I bought this : 

I never tried it before but now I can say : OH MY GOD IT IS FANTASTIC! 

Now, this mascara is one of my favorites, the volume effect is super wow! 

The price is not too expensive but everybody knows if you want a good products you have to pay for them ! 

You can go sleep with this mascara and the morning after you will get the same effect without any imperfections !

So, girls come on! Our eyes are still dreaming all of this? Run to sephora and buy this good mascara 😍 

If you buy in sephora you will get a special 15% off in all the month of jenuary 2017 for all the products they sell, and also in the online store! 

Hope you liked this post.

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Bye girlssss ❤️️


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