My Closet’s Christmas wishlist 

Hello everyone! Today is 24th December and finally tomorrow will be christmas 🎄 

The Christmas tree, the lights everywhere, candles, family, love…. but finally is time to make happy our closet !….This is a fashion time! 

I made a very interesting wishlist this year and I hope to receive some presents about it…

So, do you wanna know ?! 


First of all, I really hope to receive the fabulous new sunglasses of Prada… they are so elegants and woooow 

Do you like it? …I’m in love for these!

After, I like very much this TrussardiJeans bag! Casual and perfect for every days 

You can use this also like and handbag if you want a more serious look. 

Then, I like also this two LoveMoschino shirts… young and funny but very cool at the same time!What can I add? Moschino is enough to describe how these two shirt are amazing! 

And about Tommy Hilfiger? I would like to have all of the 90s collection! But one of my favourite pieces is this 

Easy and comfortable, this is what your closet can not miss in! 

And about the shoes?! I really want the new Puma Basket Heart 

This unusual style make these shoes very trendy and particular! Finally a pair of sneakers different in design ….the results? I want I want and I want 😍

At the end, I want to close my whist list with the brand for excellence! …I am talk about Chanel girls, and about this two wonderful rings!!!!

Well, I also have many more things in my wishlist but I put here my favourites of the moment …

If u like this post and if u like my whishlist, please 

👍 like

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…or buy some 🎁 presents 🎁 for me ! 😂

  1. See you after Christmas for knows the gifts 💋 kissessss girls! 

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