Puma Basket Heart ❤️ 

Hello girls! Christmas is already gone but our passion for shopping will not end, also because sales are coming!!! Today I want to spend some words for the new Puma Basket Heart. You know which ones? 

I am talking about these shoes! In the picture you can see my new pair just received today like present from my boyfriend! He really start to know my tastes 😂

But, I really appreciate these shoes…comfortable and so cute, I prefere the white ones but you can also find black! I like for their designs so cool and because with these you can wear so many kinds of outfit and the results will be always awesome! 

Now I got my new Puma BH I am better 😂 these shoes were in my “must have list ” from a month and finally after Christmas are mine! 

I didn’t wait for sales and the price now is 90,00€ but maybe at least you can find also at less! 

So, now it’s very late but I really wanted write something about my new present! 

Have a good night and sweet dreams ladies! See you soon ❤️


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