…sales time is arrived!!!

Hi girls, in Italy today is the first day of sales!!! So I think all the closet s lovers are gone for the first day to buy something at very low price! 

The first day for us is really special, is a kind of women ritual that we can do two times per year and is very amazing because the stores are still full of clothes and sizes and the first day is a kind of fight between girls! 

I can understand but honestly I am not so happy to go in a place and fight like girls used to do for clothes, and in 2017 I am very thankfull for the online stores that made the same offers but you can have all what you need directly at home. 

I know, is not the same… you cannot lose the fase of trying and have fun with your best friends but is a good solution if you don’t want to loose time in a store with all the lines for pay …. 

so ladies, today I was working and I will buy online but I really hope you found or you will find all what you need and you want! 

Let me know what you bought 

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