#MFW, this is how everybody from yesterday 13 January 2017 till 17 will call the Milan Fashion Week 

This year I have to say, for us can not be better… in particular for us Italian girls that we have in our county one of the hottest man …the superhero… nothing less than Patrick Dempsey !!

After this very interesting particular …well, it’s time for fashion! 

I start with my favorite one…Moschino! This is Milan fashion week so, I want to show you the fashion directly from Milan! 

This brand is always a cool surprise 😍 

Then, I wanna totally change the style with a sober Giorgio Armani collection

After I think the collection of Oscar De La Renta is very amazing

You want to see many more collections of All the others fashion designers? 

Stay tuned with Myclosetsadvice and with #MFW2017! 

Kissesss 😘


Hello girlssss!!! This year I received for Christmas presents a lot of beautiful things, and everything were in my wishlist, so I am very lucky and at least I didn’t do the fake “tanks” face 😂Did I show you yet my super cool new sunglasses of Prada girlssss?!

Yes, you remember good.. I already showed to you three posts ago when I talked about my Christmas whishlist and… tadaaaaan my dream became reality 😂

Never happened to me to be in love like I am for my Prada sunglasses …but these are incredible, really! 

With an elegant but glamour design, look serious but cool …black and gold… they get something special ! I was in love from the first time I saw. 

So… now I wanna let you see how they are on my face 😂 

I know, are big sunglasses but I like also for this. 

The price is €270,00 

If you want to check or buy click Here 


…sales time is arrived!!!

Hi girls, in Italy today is the first day of sales!!! So I think all the closet s lovers are gone for the first day to buy something at very low price! 

The first day for us is really special, is a kind of women ritual that we can do two times per year and is very amazing because the stores are still full of clothes and sizes and the first day is a kind of fight between girls! 

I can understand but honestly I am not so happy to go in a place and fight like girls used to do for clothes, and in 2017 I am very thankfull for the online stores that made the same offers but you can have all what you need directly at home. 

I know, is not the same… you cannot lose the fase of trying and have fun with your best friends but is a good solution if you don’t want to loose time in a store with all the lines for pay …. 

so ladies, today I was working and I will buy online but I really hope you found or you will find all what you need and you want! 

Let me know what you bought 

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Puma Basket Heart ❤️ 

Hello girls! Christmas is already gone but our passion for shopping will not end, also because sales are coming!!! Today I want to spend some words for the new Puma Basket Heart. You know which ones? 

I am talking about these shoes! In the picture you can see my new pair just received today like present from my boyfriend! He really start to know my tastes 😂

But, I really appreciate these shoes…comfortable and so cute, I prefere the white ones but you can also find black! I like for their designs so cool and because with these you can wear so many kinds of outfit and the results will be always awesome! 

Now I got my new Puma BH I am better 😂 these shoes were in my “must have list ” from a month and finally after Christmas are mine! 

I didn’t wait for sales and the price now is 90,00€ but maybe at least you can find also at less! 

So, now it’s very late but I really wanted write something about my new present! 

Have a good night and sweet dreams ladies! See you soon ❤️

My Christmas Ferrero Rocher Collection 🎄

Hi girls! Are you still alive after the lunch and dinner of Christmas? I hope so! 

Yesterday evening, after dinner I played whit the paper of an Italian chocolate ( Ferrero Rocher) … and the results are very funny and cool!

Who like me loves fashion, can play making some clothes like me yesterday…I show you what I create ! 

Do you like my Christmas collection? I think it is very cool! And I think is very funny what the creativity of people can do! 

So, after this, i am satisfact of what I can create and I will do more clothes with usual things …I hope you will do it also and you will show your creation here with a comment!

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Kisses 😘 

My Closet’s Christmas wishlist 

Hello everyone! Today is 24th December and finally tomorrow will be christmas 🎄 

The Christmas tree, the lights everywhere, candles, family, love…. but finally is time to make happy our closet !….This is a fashion time! 

I made a very interesting wishlist this year and I hope to receive some presents about it…

So, do you wanna know ?! 


First of all, I really hope to receive the fabulous new sunglasses of Prada… they are so elegants and woooow 

Do you like it? …I’m in love for these!

After, I like very much this TrussardiJeans bag! Casual and perfect for every days 

You can use this also like and handbag if you want a more serious look. 

Then, I like also this two LoveMoschino shirts… young and funny but very cool at the same time!What can I add? Moschino is enough to describe how these two shirt are amazing! 

And about Tommy Hilfiger? I would like to have all of the 90s collection! But one of my favourite pieces is this 

Easy and comfortable, this is what your closet can not miss in! 

And about the shoes?! I really want the new Puma Basket Heart 

This unusual style make these shoes very trendy and particular! Finally a pair of sneakers different in design ….the results? I want I want and I want 😍

At the end, I want to close my whist list with the brand for excellence! …I am talk about Chanel girls, and about this two wonderful rings!!!!

Well, I also have many more things in my wishlist but I put here my favourites of the moment …

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…or buy some 🎁 presents 🎁 for me ! 😂

  1. See you after Christmas for knows the gifts 💋 kissessss girls! 

Oh my god! Givenchy mascara is fabulous 😍

Hi ladies, 

Christmas is almost here but we can feel it in the air… 

yesterday, like every year for the Christmas period, I went to Rome city centre for buy some presents …but, like I used to do, I bought only presents for myself 😆

I saw sephora shop and I went inside just for buy my new super fabulous GIVENCHY MASCARA 

I show you which one: 

The price is 30,90€ 

In sephora shops you can find the special pack at 29,90€ with Givenchy mascara and mini Givenchy lipstick

I bought this : 

I never tried it before but now I can say : OH MY GOD IT IS FANTASTIC! 

Now, this mascara is one of my favorites, the volume effect is super wow! 

The price is not too expensive but everybody knows if you want a good products you have to pay for them ! 

You can go sleep with this mascara and the morning after you will get the same effect without any imperfections !

So, girls come on! Our eyes are still dreaming all of this? Run to sephora and buy this good mascara 😍 

If you buy in sephora you will get a special 15% off in all the month of jenuary 2017 for all the products they sell, and also in the online store! 

Hope you liked this post.

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Bye girlssss ❤️️

I’m a Barbie girl… in Moschino’s world 😍

Hi girls, how are you spending your Friday? I m watching the new Barbie and Ken Moschino’s version! 

At first I want to say Moschino is my favourite fashion designer of all, for his unusual style, his particulars collections and because is the only one who always can leave you with no words….

After this, Which girl never dream a Barbie life? Well, Moschino thinked to dress the doll of the dolls and her toyboy…and the results are very awesome! 

This is a collection, and I am so excited about it…and finally is available in Moschino’s official e-store 

Click HERE for buy the collection 

But before I show you!…you can find Barbie and Ken togheter or separate. In all the ways if you like fashion you can’t loose this collection! 

The colorfull style, mixed with the street art bring us into a new world, where everything is possible and where everybody can wear what they want. 

Moschino explain to us with his design how many kinds of fashion can take! And fashion means this! Wearing what we feel good for us, wearing our feelings !

Check here:

This is a limited edition, I will run to buy it very soon ! And you? What are you waiting? Moschino and Barbie are not waiting for us! 

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See you soon babies 💋

Marc Jacobs : Zebra Collection super WooooW

Hi girls….Did you spend a good Sunday? I hope so….

I’m spending my Sunday watching and dreaming the fabulous new collection of Marc Jacobs.

This year he made one of my favourite collection, I say my favourite in particular just for one reason: Zebra Style!

Not everyone like the animalier, but I like a lot! Because of this I want to show you some clothes and accessories. You will fall love ❤️ 

Long sleeve Zebra shift dress 

I have just one word: LOVE ❤️ 

Price: 795$

One shoulder Zebra dress 

Adapted for the special occasion, it give us a jungle and wild look. Perfect for a summer cocktail event !

Price: 825$

Zebra Embellished shrunken jacket 

Sportive, casual and glamour ! You can use whatever you want .

Price: 895$

Georgia studded Cowboy boot 

My favourite part of the collection, they are awesome! 

Price: 550$

Zebra shutter small camera bag

Small, comfortable and cute!

Price: 495$
Well, I showed you my favourite elements of the Zebra collection, and I hope you think they are awesome like I think.

I must have the fabulous Zebra cowboy boots, I like a lot .

Hope to see also in your closet something about this very cool collection, and hope you liked my post!

If you wanna buy and see all the collection click HERE 

Have a good evening sweeties ❤️️

Stella McCartney: Falabella bags

Buonasera ragazze!!! È sabato, e come ogni sabato si sa…a noi donne piace esagerare! Chi di noi non si acchitta un po’ di più per passare la propria serata nel modo più cool possibile? 

Beh, quale accessorio migliore se non la collezione di borse Falabella di Stella McCartney ?

Sapete già di cosa sto parlando vero? 

Inoltre le borse Stella McCartney vengono fabbricate con tecniche altamente qualificate, senza ricorrere all’uso di pelli o materiale che comportino il ricorso a metodi crudeli nei confronti degli animali. Il rivestimento interno è ottenuto dalle bottiglie di plastica riciclate. 100% polistirene

Vi propongo alcuni modelli, di cui sicuramente non farete più a meno! 😘

Partiamo con le classiche in Black : 

Falabella Mini Tote con frange e borchie. Originale, pratica a di effetto! 

Prezzo: 1020€

Borsa Messenger Falabella in Shaggy Deer. Piccola, comoda ed elegante!

Prezzo: 820€

Le particolari colorful :

Falabella cross body con cigno. Rosa con dettagli rossi, illustrazione cigni. 

Prezzo 830€

Borsa a Secchiello Falabella Blu con Frange. Giovane, sportiva…cool!

Prezzo: 1035€

Tote bag Falabella piccola in Denim con Stelle. Stelle for Stella, dettaglio fondamentale del marchio! 

Prezzo: 900€ 
Bene questi sono i consigli di MyClosetsAdvice, per tutta la collezione non dovete fare altro che cliccare qui StellaMcCartneyStore e selezionare la sezione donna/borse/Falabella 

Spero di essere stata di aiuto e buon sabato a tutte 😘